Cygnus “LifeSpring”

Cygnus "LifeSpring"This emission nebula lies along the edge of one of Milky Way’s giant molecular clouds, This bi-colour Narrowband image includes some of the fainter objects like Sharpless 115 and 116 and many others as well as DWB111 Propeller Nebula in the top right of frame. Made up of 6 panels. It is a complex region in Cygnus with supergiant stars and wispy tendrils of hot dust and gas spanning around 10°.
Imaging telescope or lens: Vixen VSD 100 f/3
Imaging camera: Sony ICX814
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
Guiding telescope or lens: Vixen VSD
Guiding camera: sx loadstar
Software: Sequence Generator Pro, Photoshop CS5, PixInsight 1.8, PHD
Filters: Chroma OIII 3nm, Chroma Ha 3nm
Locations: Home observatory, Valencia, Spain
Integration: 90.0 hours
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