Exciting find last night!

Exciting find last night!

Last night while expanding my Cygnus “LifeSpring” mosaic out to the lower left quadrant just past Sharpless 115, I noticed a small perfectly formed planetary nebulae that looks very similar to the well known soap bubble in shape and size! This image is shot in Ha 3nm and consists of 1800×13.  It turns out that it is known as Weinberger 1-10 Planetary Nebula in Cygnus.  This is an  extremely faint planetary with very low surface brightness  and has  an entry at Simbad as PN G086.1+05.4   It was an exciting  personal discovery but no cigar! Unfortunately the DSS got there first. 😉  However it is great to be able to bring this long forgotten PN to the attention of the astro imaging community.  Amazing since it was sitting under all of our noses in Cygnus! I am hoping someone with powerful deep space optics will have a go at it soon so that we can all take a closer look. I will be imaging the wide-field in OIII soon and am look forward to seeing this emission line in the PN.



New planetary nebulae?

Sharpless 115

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