Maiden voyage with the AG14 astrograph

First of all, Merry Christmas to all astro folks and friends out there. This post is about my maiden voyage with the AG14 astrograph (Recently acquired Orion Optics large Newt) After quite some time spent on a learning to colimate the the beast using the Catseye system and other miscellaneous odds and ends required for basic setup, such as, the need for an additional counterweight. The clouds finally cleared last night and I was able to run some test shots with the new Astrograph. This image is made of a stack 18 un-calibrated 1800 sec bin x 2 subs in Ha and OIII. Imaging telescope: AG14 astrograph 1330mm F3.8 Imaging camera: 9.2mp Sony SX814 Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX Focus was manually set up once with a mask and the system ran uninterrupted for the night. I am waiting for a Baader steel drive to arrive which will allow full focus automaton. Located about 5000 light years from Earth, the center image shows the Rosette star formation region.

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