The Swan Nebula

I hope you enjoy viewing this Ha, RGBL image of the Swan Nebula. This wonderful structure is located in the rich star-fields of Sagittarius. The Swan has a very high dynamic range an provides an exiting processing and photography challenge for and budding astrophotographers out there.

Imaging telescope: AG14 astrograph
Imaging camera: SX 9.2mp Sony SX814
Mount: Software Bisque Paramount MX
Filters: Chroma narrow-band filters
#Astrophotography #Space

Magnitude: 6
Constellation: Sagittarius
Coordinates: RA 18h 20m 26s | Dec -16° 10′ 36″
Distance: 5,000-6,000 ly
Apparent dimensions (V): 11 arcmins
Designations: M17, Swan Nebula, Sharpless 45, RCW 160, Gum 81





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